names for blue

the S shapes and C shapes and all other curvy kinds of shapes
the earthworms (shiny and brown-pink) make
as i weed my way down bed 24
pulling out dead nettle and chickweed and dandelions

elaina and i tending to souoth garden
which is coming out of its winter stupor
and i lean into the silence
and allow the questions to bubble up
when thejy want to
annie Z and her face of sun over there in northern london
but also right here on our computer screen
while she eats lunch (chicken soup, kraut and some kind of cheese i’ve never heard of)
and we are just finishing breakfast
the heron in flight cruising in a clear line directly over us
in the garden
as it heads west
blue gray bird against blue gray sky

how we define naive and take turns pronouncing azure, and pass the chocolate bar
(some of us partaking, some of us not)
and joke about the canoe
and sip mead from an apiary that june once worked at
and make a list that includes names for blue, words for ridges and views and 
types of clouds and make more jokes
than one can shake a stick at


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