to stack wood

everyone i mention my pottery/ceramics class to joolie says
makes a reference/joke about pattick swayze (and that scene in ‘ghost’)

the silver shine of the locket draped
by a thin chain around mica’s neck
and the silver shine of a small disc hanging,
one from each ear
perhaps there is a word
for how satisfying it is
to stack wood, paying attention to the arrangement and
knowing that it is the source of the heat
that will warm us in teh next year

twenty five cents at a rummage sale  angie says about her trifle bowl/dish
which is clear glass which means
when she serves the trifle,
one can see the layers of poundcake, hand-whipped cream and berries blue and purple and red

something about the scene of the sliding door opening
to the powder-pink morning sky against purpley dark mountains 
that strikes me the same way the glimpse
of a lover might

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