under a sunbright sky

listening the the country station low
as i drive the curves of the county highways
under a sunbright sky glowing blue and wrapped
in cloud ribbons as i move along the mostly dry brown/gray scape
intermittently marked with new green growth and some black patches
from recent burns
how i cannot see the needle
but can make out the general shape of it (angled)
and its silver shine as dr. ball brings it to my gum line
pinch is the word she says which is sort of it, but there’s also a sting and pierce
and while i can handle this (especially thanks to topical anasthetic)
the thing that makes me cringe is when the nerve is exposed
and even the air on it is too much

the weird numb face afterwords
doesn’t make me want to cry this time
like it did last time but i still pretty much left my body
for most of it
(unnamed phenomenon: the special kind of trauma/terror
of having dental work done
even when the dentist is a good one)
smell of flax oil mixed with lavender and lemon
and maybe it’s because i’m on my knees
or because of the repetition
or because the space is mostly empty
or because when i pour the oil drops on the floor it’s like annointing
but it feels like reverence

the three daffodils i pluck from the karma patch and place
on the butcher block at dinner circle

superb is the word i use
with cynthia about her dinner
which consists of nettles cooked with garlic, banana bread with black walnuts, oat flour mini quiches with chickichurri (chimichurri made with chickweed), pazole and whole sweet potatoes baked in a dutch oven tossed in the woodstove fire

how last night i woke at various points
and could, in the view framed by the loft window, trace the moon’s path
across dark sky

from the water world: 

An indigenous woman collects water from public tap on the eve World Water Day, outskirts of Hyderbad, India.- voice of america, day in photos

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