with every step

lemon and sugar is always a good combinati0n (was it darien or joseph?) says
as they bite into a slice of the dutch baby
still oven-warm in its skillet
this time without pumpkin


smashes all previous records amy goodman says
on democracy now
about a recent report issued by the world meteorological organization
which states unprecedented increases in global temperatures
and rising sea levels
another news brief from amy goodman: the high court in india
has granted human rights to
the ganges and yamuna rivers

how i often don’t like the fruit in pies
but the sweet bursts of peach
from the potluck pie
in all its orange splendor
are perfect
boot smoothie darien calls the vinegar and banana peel combo
in his galoshes
fighting fungus
with every step
d-day  i call it
about the three discs i knocked down
(new personal record)
in one game


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