where we will weave

the day-old box of doughnuts
at the table
and dean sitting there too
and i ask him how he’s doing today
(which is the day after the memorial for his daughter)
from his perch on canoe-edge
emory asks if certain sound combinations
are actual words and i say
they can be if you want them to
while he paddles towards
the shipwreck shaman
that one can only visit if their ship
has been in a wreck
and although we simulate some turbulence and wild weather
we are not shipwrecked enough
to meet him
emory making string/rope
out of bark from the tree he’s perched in
as i clip willow whips
in their green newness
awaiting a sole-mahogany reunion
where we will weave
in early fall

how the wind begins to pick up the feathers
that emory and i gather and organize by color
(leftover from the wing-clipping in the coop)
so we lay 2×4’s over them
to keep them from fluttering away
i carry the saw and em carries the loppers
(both red-handled)
into the tunnel of the fortsythia
whose branches are sparsley dotted
with bright yellow blooms

killer headache i say about the thing i can trace
from deep underneath my shoulder blade
up along my cortex
and following the curve of my skull up and over
tentacling down into my eyebrow
and along the top of my cheekbone
where it sinks down into my sinuses
and ends by nestling itself
into jaw joint 

from the water world: 

A local resident bails water from behind a barrier as a flash flood hits the city of Trujillo, 570 kilometers north of Lima, Peru, bringing mud and debris. – voice of america, day in photos

A worker collects garbage from the Marilao River in Bulacan, north of Manila, the Philippines. – voice of america, day in photos


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