funeral cake

rainbow sprinkles on coolwhip frosting of the red-white jello cake underneath
and how this is the second time in two months
that i’ve eaten this at a table i’ve never been at before
(the first being the deer dance feast day at san ildelfonso pueblo near santa fe new mexico about two months ago
and today’s being after mormon memorial service in rural northeast missouri
how joseph and i both
wanted to punch a wall
during the mormon priest’s (though i don’t think priest is the right word
for the mormon version of a priest but i can’t remember what it is, but perhaps starts with a b)
talk at dana’s service
because of the proselytizing
and how he says it’s an opportunity to share with all the people in the group
whose faces are new because he’s never seen them on sundays


how i seem to swallow a thousand times
during a half hour of meditation
my mouth watering and watering
the sugary taste of a funeral cake
still almost unbearably sweet in my mouth

magenta/hot pink-laced sky in the west
as seen from bindle
and the dark purple haze (a scrim) rising in front of it
from some fire – most likely a burn

the just-made popcorn sprinkled with pop top
in the metal bowl that ty and i gravitate towards
and the bowl of spice drops (gumdrops)
on the side table that alyson brought
em in my lap in the back seat on the way home
from town and em and i in the armchair
at mica’s movie night watching of
hunt for the wilderpeople


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