all the crunchy yellowed dried things
in teh hoophouse as trish and i harvest
from the spinach and kale

emory unwrapping the almond cookie
golden and crumbled in its package
from the chinese buffet in gallup
that bessie and harry followed the bjets to
what is it about the sound of that accordion seeping out 
under the door when i’m inside
and out the window when i’m outside?
pehaps its partly how my mama carries the sound
of grandpa playing the squeezebox
in teh warmth of her blood
when i say i don’t come from a musical family
it means i am forgetting this legacy

the knock of the broom handle on the floor
as cyunthia weaves
her kazillionth broom
scoreo! i announce
when emory gets excited about the oreo
int eh bag with the computer
as he loads the first harry potter movie
onto the computer for watching
the way moonstar, when i give her my lap
curls up in it to go to sleep
and the way she squints her eyes
as curls into
is just about enough to kill me
in a good way
today i read things about the travel ban 2.0
and the sinking of the EPA and NEA as if they were the great titanic
and more stupid things about healthcare and i’m concerned
that i tno longer feels outrageous
(like, i wish each news bit came w/ a trump tweet
so i could feel the outrage rather than have it all glaze over me)
today i read that teh war on syria
turned six years old
which tapped the place where all my rage and sadness lives

relieving is one word i use
for the half hour of silence
sacred is another
(the half hour silence that comes as the 8 til 9 meditation hits 8:30
which is the time i step out of 
the meditation at)


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