the circle of us

as far as i’m concerned, every dollar bill is coated in blood
cynthia says in the front seat as we pass the great big
silver of the grain elevators on our way closer to the mississippi which is closer
to the train station
and if i were someone who snapped their fingers
in agreement a lot, i would go ahead and snap
the smoke rising from the still-smoldering pile of bricks
That used to be one of two big old beautiful buildings of ‘downtown’ (town of 100) rutledge
the brand new slice/notch
and the small clump of unattached fur
taken out of ashby’s ear as he wanders around me
in the spinach patch 
which makes me say oh honey which is a kindof thing
i never really say
someone’s getting a ride someone in the living room says
about the uncommon sound of a helicpoter
chopping air overhead
family-like  i say on the drive home on the county highways
about the circle of us in gigi and stan’s living room
eating the salad and soup and squash dish and cookies and then
hanging out and talking for quite a while
including an informal go-around about if we used to smoke cigarettes
and for how long and if so
what the quitting was like
not a mist and not a fog
but there is a hazey halo around the no-longer-full-but-not-quite-anything-else-yet moon
as it rises behind the still-bare branches
of skinny tall trees
from the water world:

An ultra-Orthodox Jew gets hit by a police water canon during a protest against Israeli army conscription, in Jerusalem.


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