the magic of a greenhouse:
how on a sunny 30-something degree day
the temperature inside is 65
which means i can take off the poncho
and the beanie
the two squares of dark chocolate
cynthia hands me
(how i set them on a lid of a jar onmy dresser
to save for post-lunch savoring)

ya’lls friendship, and i’ve already got that dean says
when i asks him if there’s anything he needs
when he calls to tell us the details
of his daughter’s memorial service

the room to laugh
at the readings
including the mention of karma
(which is the name of the building we’re in)
at the sandhill sangha
sometimes a day
is little more
than a series of starting fires
and feeding them
the email i send asking my aunt
if she knows the name of the labor camp
her mom (my grandma) was in
and for how long
this is one of the things
i always carry
same way one wears a necklace or a ring
they never take off
the bright red orange splash of color
of bobbe’s rooster
pinned to my loft wall


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