like a mantra

like a mantra
dean says it again at the table
which holds our plates of pumpkin dutch baby, doughnuts, thumbprint cookies and squash bars and fruit from the kind of fruit tray someone brings a neighbor when their child has died)
you shouldn’t have to bury your kid, it ain’t right

how’s your bunch of bananas i ask shanon
which is what the app is saying
the current approximate size
of the baby is
and there is a way that the sweetness of her face and the deep well of laughter we each draw up from in each others’ presence
just kills me
in a good way
shiz walking with the computer
through the new house
on a virtual video tour
and gina and i promise we’ll send each other photos:
1. of the landfill
2. of the dog-garage

and then the question arises
about which one of us
(between rae an i) is the cougar
because rae is older but gina says
i have more of the cougar disposition

how i allow myself this sabbath as sabbatical
due to all the blood
and the writing i promised myself
11something pm stepping out into
The misting snow that has gathered 
into a white thick enough to coat
the ground
from the water world:

Rescue workers assist stranded people from floodwaters in the Auckland suburb of New Lynn in New Zealand.- voice of america, day in photos


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