something unfurls

in the dream, it was a little new orleans-ish
(shotgun house layout)
and there was an inspiring encounter
with an ex-lover who is named after
a day of the week
the first brassica sproutlets (broccoli, kale, collards,cabbage)
unfurling from their soil blocks
and year after year
something unfurls in me
at the sight of their small heart-shaped
first green leaves
what feels like
the entire whitehouse shaking
because jillian is on a little screen
telling me not to quit
and so i don’t
in the living room
in my running clothes
i don’t quit when it comes to the burpees
i don’t quit when it comes to the mountain climbers
i don’t quit when it comes to the plie jumps
which somehow are the hardest things
about it all

smallest bouquet of best tasting cilantro
(gathered from the hoophouse)
i’ve ever eaten
must be the overwintering
the coldness
the lack of water
how the flavor comes out all rich
like that and the leaves
such a deep green
let’s take the sports car i joke
for the two mile drive
down the road to mica’s
the fiddle and banjo of rachel eddy
accompanying us on the way
the bright orange
of steamed and pureed darien-squash
from his seed crossing/breeding project
(whose three types besides butternut
i cannot recall)

the two lines mica and darien and i keep laughing at
from the marc bamuthi joseph poem
from the people’s state of the union address
which we couldn’t stream so we downloaded
the transcript and read it out loud to each other
(not because we are making fun of the poem,
it’s a damn fine poem, but we’re making fun of
his words in my mouth):
what’s your angle, angel eyes
and what are we doing here?
surviving, baby

and then there’s the poem
by cam awkward 
anti-elegy for trans day of remembrance
which- turns out- is a poem i’ve been trying to write
for at least ten years
and i cannot give enough gratitude
for cam having achieved what has felt like
the undoable
when i write about ‘owing’ a letter
sole/mahogany say
there’s now O in friendship
and i write back: frieOndship
and then: frieoooooooooooondship

from the water world:
residents cross a flooded area in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo, to collect fresh water. Cyclone Enawo hit land Tuesday, claiming the lives of at least five people and forcing some 10,000 people abandon their homes because of storm damage. – voice of america, day in photos

A fisherman sits in his boat in the Egyptian Nile Delta province of al-Minufiyah, near the town of Ashmun.
– voice of america, day in photos


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