what we’ve taken

dramatic entrance darien says about the way
i push the swing chains aside as i walk through
them like some bombshell in a movie from the 60’s
all-day wind prying up the loose edges 
of the greenhouse roof
and windows as i sift compost and sand and coir
through the framed wire mesh
gonna be the best soil mix ever i say
 explaining how i usually only sift the compost (not the other two ingredients)
and i love how mixing it with the hoe
in the huge galvanized tub is like
mixing the dry ingredients
for baking
the snap of mica’s silver locket
when she opens and closes it
we talk about what we’ve taken away
from our respective winters
over a double quinoa double carrot single lentil meal and small
beautiful cups of cheap wine
(and for me, the thimble)
the crinkle of plastic
of the seeds i’m sprouting
layered in fabric
in my pocket
alyssa introduces the fiddlehead song
and i don’t remember most of it already
but the sense of being curled up in its nest
carries itself with me
how christina’s surprise and pointing out the window
to the lightning that i didn’t know was happening because
it’s all behind me makes me jump and say i’m scared! which is mostly a joke 
but also an honest reaction
and i walk out into the stormy night spooked
and i drive towards
the flickering horizon spooked
as the wind seems to say i can destroy anything/everything
and eerie and early are the two words i conjure


some lightning is bright enough
to shine over
the dim glow of semi-functioning 
xmas lights
and the fury is strong enough
that i keep a close eye on the tornado watch that could
turn into a tornado warning


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