everything that’s broken

cynthia commenting (appreciatively) and laughing (appreciatively)
at my outfit
(cat and doughnut/ice cream/cookie/candy leggings
plus the pancho she gifted me
which features bright and big
pink/green/black flower designs)
as she approaches from across the way
towards where i am sweeping off the cistern
so i can lay down my mat and take off my shoes/socks
and start stretching

stab of bright red
against light blue/sometimes gray sky
as seen while i triangle and warrior and tree
on the teal mat rolled out
on just swpt cistern surface
cynthia announces the crocuses
and how their blooms have burst open
intto a rich and almost glowing purple
with the yellow pollen-coated staemens 
poking out
the rapid patches of sun
masked and unmasked
by clouds passing fast in the wind
and the light shadow light
warm cool warm
effect that it has

almost everywhere is sore i say
(naming specifically how i feel it in my ribs
when i laugh)
about ysterday’s escapades of putting out feral fires and chasing frisbees

i think i’ll write a list i say
(over carrot/beet salad on quinoa with toasted seeds plus a side of edamame)
about everything that’s broken


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