thick in the chorus of it

the hiss and pop of flames
as they travel across the field
while mica flaps them out with the flapper
and thomas and jacob spray with their water packs
and tyler, stan, cynthia, darien and i use a combination of shovels
and  hard rakes to snuff it out or
move it along
welcome home tyler calls out down the line of flames
after we almost set the forest on fire
as we stand in the calm
adrenaline come-down
while the burn travels slowly
towards us on the west and last edge
of the field
the various shades of pinks to reds
on our faces as we gather
collapsed onto the ground
after it has all settled 
smoke smell woven into the weave of 
our long sleeves and pants

the dirt/dust on moonstar’s black coat
from rolling around in it
under the bucket rack
feels like i spent a long time crying today i later report
to mica as we walk fieldwards
carrying frisbees and our cleats
into the intermittent gusts of wind
how there is not even one
second to spare in the cold cold pond water
that mark estimates to be somewhere around
thirty degrees while mica says it has been colder
how i bet the look on my face
as i immediately popped up
after jumping in
was probably a hilarious one of surprise and panic

all the cats minus birdie
perched everywhere around me as i hang laundry
and the sky sunsets
(peach-pink strips of cloud
layered across greenblue sky)

the sweet swooping up/down sounds of
the spring peepers 
rising from the pond as i 
pin clothes to the line and later
drifting in through an open window
which reminds me how i learned last year
about the sounds moving in 
layer by layer until we are thick
in the chorus of it
by mid-summer


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