the arrangement

rolling through the sunrise i quiz myself
on the colors seeping across sky
and come up with: 
not quite copper
and not cotton candy
but there are strips of cloud
soaked in something purple grayish
and then that not copper not cotton candy
spreads up and out from behind them
not a conductor and maybe not an engineer
but maybe not an attendant either?
regardless, as we line up down at the enter/exit door on the lower level
and he waits to open the door
he guesses/asks if i live at the p.a.
same as the woman who works the la plata station
(who said it was the big backpack that gave me away)
twenty five cents
is the suggested donation per item
at the thrift store in the la plata square
which means we come home with a small pile
of cloths in the backseat
the woman at hyvee saying she grows
her own goji berries
in kirksville missouri which surprises me
but also answers my question 
stress bunnies  cynthia calls the cheddar bunnies
(because they are good to eat when one is  stressed)
as she passes ty and i little handfuls
first things first
when we land i head
towards the cats and moonstar approaches
then ashby
then birdie

the arrangement of a stuffed mouse
and cut out paper hearts
and a mermaid blanket/tail
that mica leaves as a welcome


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