dig underneath the story

the slap of wind so cold and hard to my face while running
it knocks the breath out of me
but the morning view of the sangre de cristos
and the jemez off in the distance
are worth it
and my limbs and lungs singing afterwords
is worth it too
the two thumbs down and the fart noise i jokingly make
as toni and i sit down for the end-of-residency check-out
and how we say we’re going
to miss each other

dig underneath the storymaking bruin says
have compassion instead of attaching meaning
sometimes the places we feel the most
ourselves are our growth zones
all the laundry hanging around my room
because it is so dry here that the notion
of a dryer is absured
(this one’s for you jessica zeng)
robert’s cold faces as he holds up a poster
that says you tried to bury us
but you forgot
that we are seeds


i give good legging franco says
i’ve heard that about you i reply
her last name is love and i don’t remember the first name
but she stands at the mic untangling/clarifying
all the current legislation around im/migration
and she is matter of fact and she is badass
and her heart is bigger than this room and when we’re clearing the chairs out
at the end of the night she says
that she is exhausted
(and i can bet every other badass immigration lawyer in the u.s. is most likely saying the same)


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