unraveling is the word

the shelf carved out over/alongside
santa fe’s riverbed that emory
perches atop and the collection
of many heart shaped rocks that has been
gathered and arranged there
the photo series coming in
from india (including ami in a sari)
and the special details series
(of script, of architecture, of colored flower petals in a bowl)
sent just my way
unraveling is the word i use
as we walk the sand/stone
and discuss the unknowns/mysteries
of garden/farm season 2017
the patch of pinon smoke scent drifting
across the riverbed and how i pause
as i pass through it
glancing up to see sky and jagged fenceline
(the kind of fence that is made of rough-barked trunks/branches)
and how northern new mexican it all is
as the morning that began with the white of snow
turns into the glisten of wet in the peeking-out sun
the steam that rises
form the sweet tea steeping in the 
mugs we cup in our hands as
allyson (performer/sculptor/installationist)
adn i meet/discuss
on the awkwardly-sized couches
9:18pm – the trickle of precipitation
dripping off roof edges onto the sidewalk
outside the back door
and in the distance the sound
of car wheels turning
over the sheen of a wet surface
and how i find myself echoing the chorus

of the locals saying we need it regarding
the snowpack, the source of the river
from the water world:
Children play with water in Madureira Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. – voice of america, day in photos


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