the view we arrive at

franco and i joking about
timing our morning workouts
in room one and room two to end
at the same time so then
we can hi-five through the wall
and how he says we can just punch a
hole in it and hi-five through there

let go of what you love she says
about how she moves through the world
which reminds me to drop the small rock
i carried out and back
near where i picked up in the first place
because of its striking green stripe
cutting itself through the rest of the rock’s
the view we arrive at
after meandering down a santa fe river meander
i’ve never been down and then climbing
up steeply
only to have the sangres and cristos revealed
at once
what is it about the life/work of a flight attendant
that is so intriguing to me i ask the former flight attendant
while we hop up/down rocks along the empty
bed and she nails it when she says
because it’s part stripper, part denny’s waitress and part

taking the speedbumps fast downhill
on this mountain bike with its knobby tires
while the sun coats us and the fresh air glances off
my cheekbones and how

i like to pretend i’m 
on a horse
while i take the hurdles
with grace


debbie with the clay in her palm
as she works her way around the upturned lip
talking about the light/sun
hitting the bits of ice as they come
down from sky

the most important/favorite/special
twist of blue yarn i’ll ever own
i say

about my time as a water faerie
at the village fire

anna and i talking about how we
can see the milky way where we 
each live and aurvi talking  about
the one remaining patch of forested park
on the north end of manhattan and how
on a night of meteor showers, all of these people
gathered there in a clearing 
laying down on blankets looking up
sometimes mistakenly pointing at a plane
under a sky of glitter showers that never were seen
and how after an hour she said
let’s go home
from the world:
the remarkable similarity of the bodily gestures and
the remarkable disparity of the situations represented
in these two photos




and their correlating captions:


Former President Barack Obama sits on a boat during a kite surfing excursion with British businessman Richard Branson during a vacation on Branson’s Moskito island, in the British Virgin Islands. – voice of america, day in photos

A worker stacks bricks on his head at a brick factory in Lalitpur, Nepal. – voice of america, day in photos

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