so sunlit

the inked instructions i wrote
on the back of my hand
detailing the hour-of-power approach
(cut to 20 minutes, in this case,
and taken from debra’s morning playbook)
for my morning run in three parts:
1. gratitude – think/say all the things
you are grateful for
2. goals (for the day or beyond) – say them
the same way you said your gratitudes, that is,
as if they’ve already happened
(example: i’m thankful i submitted that proposal on time)
3. repeating an affirmation over and over again
until you arrive back
at your origin
serious damage to my reputation
i joke with kate
about a morning so sunlit
that for the second half of my run
my jacket was tied
around my waist

the border/customs officer
who hangs up on me
at the airport when i call to ask
about them abiding by the constitution
(the constitution, not the decrees of the current president)
in their work
which means i don’t even get a chance to ask
if they are detaining anyone
and if those people have access to lawyers
over breakfast i read
about the bomb threats
to 10 different jewish community centers
in the u.s. including the one here
in santa fe
the second storie library window
through which i watch the copper-orange light
of the lowering sun
flooding sky
and casting colors onto clouds
until the shine becomes a thin slit
across the tops of the jemez peaks
under an inky blue nightening sky
it is not an ending
anna says of a show or the finishing
of a manuscript
it’s more like a pause, a comma
mica, when i called you a trooper,
it’s not because you stayed up late
to talk with me, but because
of the patience and care and kindness
you bring your parents
and your perseverance –
carrying for the last time
all the shit (boxes and boxes of it)
that you’ve carried all your life
from the water world:

6a7cdbc5-1747-462c-8b53-7b82ea0d30b9_w987_s_sSri Lankan port workers backed by the Marxist political party, attempt to remove a barricade as police fire water cannon during a protest march near the presidential secretariat in Colombo, Sri Lanka. – voice of america, day in photos

Nearly 2,000 people float in a line setting a new Guinness world record for the most people floating while holding hands in Lake Epecuen, a salty lake, near Carhue, Argentina in this handout provided by Prensa Municipio Adolfo Alsina. – voice of america, day in photos


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