fight, rest, dream, fight

that’s what i say  i tell melanie about my
‘see you soon’ as we hug
farewelling in the commons
the golden yellow round of beeswax
from jan’s bees that she
left on the corner of my desk
on a square of muslin-like fabric

how i didn’t know until i read on page
160-something that alamo
means cottonwod
the line of shade advancing
upon the sunny patch in which i have 
planted myself in the courtyard
to finish this due-tomorrow library book
final stanza typed
onto light green paper that says
fight, rest, dream
and fight some more


the moon a sliver slung
between two invisible tree trunks, hammock-like,
the north star clear and bright above it adn
the coppery pink it becomes as
it heads horizonwards

kate in this evening’s quiet kitchen
telling me about this teen vogue article
that lists what’s-his-face’s businesses
and their phone numbers 
encouraging readers to call those numbers
with the complaints that they can’t get through
to the white house because
the white house phone lines
have been shut down

heart medicine:
A6715A9C-8228-44AE-B1E0-DEB781457A7D_w987_s_s.jpgA group of attorneys work inside the arrivals terminal at JFK International Airport in New York. The group is trying to aid arriving passengers who might be affected by U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration order.  – voice of america, day in photos

People gather to pray in baggage claim during a protest against the travel ban imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order, at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Dallas, Texas. – voice of america, day in photos

from the water world:

A member of the Pollution Response Team collects a sample of an oil spill from boulders at the coast, a day after an oil tanker and an LPG tanker collided off Kamarajar Port in Ennore, in Chennai, India.
– voice of america, day in photos 


An ice-swimmer swims in the partly frozen Ourcq canal in Pantin near Paris, France. -voice of america, day in photos
(note: a fellow who lives and works right near the Canal de l’Ourcq asked if i’d post a link to a write-up about it . i said yes, so here it is!)


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