we become undone

sun bright and temperature reads
thirteen degrees
i’d pass you a glass of water if i could 
i say

to the postal worker on the other end of the line
who says it’s his first day back
from being out with bronchitis
as he coughs out the tickle in his throat
we become undone by each other lois says
quoting judith butler
while quoting others too
about how encountering others’ faces/bodies
disarms us

the muffin tin of chocolate cupcakes
that jessica the intern with culinary skills
leaves for all on the kitchen counter
the shine under the marquee light
in both sylvia and i’s eyes
brought on by witnessing the phenomenal,
the brilliant and compassionate life and forces
of dr. maya angelou

it’s necessary  i tell amy as we laugh
into the turn from cerillos onto st. michael’s
referring to ridiculous and absurd humor

the warmth of radiant heat
i return to
rising up through my thin wool sock-clad feet
from the water world:

Nepalese Hindu women stand to fill their vessels with Bagmati River water to offer prayers at Madhav Narayan festival in Kathmandu, Nepal. During this month-long festival, devotees recite Holy Scriptures dedicated to Hindu goddess Swasthani and Hindu God Lord Shiva.- voice of america, day in photos