it doesn’t end here a post reads
about yesterday’s march,
this is just the beginning

pando muerte debbie says
day of the dead bread as i lift the sweet
doughy bites accompanied by
orange glaze and currants
to my mouth
when she tells me
about the deer/animal dances
she explains about the permission,
the thanking for the death needed
to sustain life
we are living in satire i say
how does one satire satire?

we are all so speechless debbie responds

the skirt acts as a cone
to draw up mother earth’s energy
she shares insights from sharon day, water walker

it’s never about them
it’s always about
the bigger picture

if anyone ever offers
to take you to abique/ghost ranch,
drop everything and go
she says from the couch
the hilariousness of the albuquerque journal
using an entire paragraph
to avoid using the word pussy
in an article covering
the global phenomenon
of the women’s march


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