according to the whoopee cushion

the knot of pain
a stitch they call it
in my side, preventing me from
rnning the whole way out and back
but the sun on my face and the
high cool wind hitting my cheekbones
is enough

the mentor of keys telling me
courageous and comfortable with making

the difference the bright clear light
on my face, through the windows
throwing itself down
through the skylights
for many reasons courtney says 
fascinated, but especially by the simplicity
melanie and i facing the endless list of
dumbfounding circumstances
including but not limited to:
a nomination for environmental protection agency
to a guy who is in the midst of suing the epa
and in cahoots with oil companies
at a time when we have reached the third year
of hottest year on record
under a soon to be president who calls global warming/climate change
chinese hoax
and then there’s betsy devos

soon to be appointed as secretary of education
yet she can’t bring herself to utter a single word
supporting working with those who have special needs
leave it to the state she says
regarding the federal 
individuals with disabilities act
the whoopee cushion consolation gifts
that jan brings melanie and i
for not being with the crew
on the los alamos field trip today

how long does it take to develop a solid gold
running joke among what was a group of strangers?
approximately one week, according to the whoopee cushion

the cloud swaths that drift in
slowly covering what was a clear sky,
how they hang low cloaking the sangre ridges
and how some lie higher above and beyond the ridgeline
and some also just above me
a study in depth
and texture and 
light turning dark turning light again
from the water world:
Cossacks help a boy to take a bath in the icy waters of a lake during the celebration of the Epiphany holiday near the village of Leninskoe, some 15 km of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. – voice of america, day in photos


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