layered like a landscape

the importance
of standing/walking/being outside underneath sky
especially when its clouds make the effort
to come down magnificently
(broody, gray, heavy, textured, layered like a landscape)
to meet us
(something akin to the gesture of a bow)
the bright blue glass of the riesling bottle
in the shelf on the door of the fridge
and how it makes me think
of my sister
sylvia’s accent
and how she says
she’s from london as she and lois
unpack their grocery bags

always the one
with the colored sprinkles
if there is ever a doubt
of which doughnut i’d pick out
around the time perhaps
i was graduating high school
jessica’s parents
and all their siblings
begin their journey
from a small rural fishing town in southern china
to the united states
sponsored by a relative (just like my grandparents)
to arrive to
the music of raíces
(from 7:30-10pm)
playing quietly
(flutes, drums, electronic –
sounds new to me and filling out
this sense of place)
as i read about the hydrological apartheid
of israel/palestine
thinking about walls and water and filled with
the sense of something slowly taking over
from the water world:
Residents and tourists swim in the sea at Barra da Tijuca beach during a summer day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. – voice of america, day in photos

A small boat trapped in the frozen Danube river is seen in Belgrade, Serbia. – voice of america, day in photos


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