jessica mentions the meryl streep speech
so i watch the video
and am heartened
by the choices she made
about how to use the power
of spotlight and amplification

a missed call –
a nest of sadness
is the only place you inhabit in me

toni waving the banana
as a two minute warning
in the darkness
of the shade-drawn
slideshow-illuminated library
while we each take turns revealing
a little bit of our magic:
(a flush pink oyster mushrooms in one of the most toxic
sites in the united states,
the whooshes of ink wash
blooming across the screen
revealing mini scenes of gymnasts and ferris wheels,
desert paper being made out of
invasive species while the beginnings of a boat
the body of a whale washed up on the ck beach
and the power of, for the first time, standing next to
what so many of her people
have known so intimately,
the transparencies
that make all the difference in terms of understanding
the geography of food security
alongside the geography of water,

a peek into
a new york under water and
how love still looks and feels like love there
only under more protective layers
technologically advanced,
the fractals ones blood makes
when taken
outside of its body (the necessity of treating
diabetes) and
set in the sun
(the power of reclamation/rewriting the necessity),
the footage of a man
whose name none of us know
but whose story we might guess
by his teeth, his weathered skin
and the smile that finally
breaks across his searching face,
a virtual map
of where an immigration rights attorney
had her feet on the ground
for 18months
offering pro-bono services to those tangled
in the u.s. immigration system,
a parade of the faces of those
after they have just been poemed for
as seen from the other side
of the typewriter)

i don’t remember the name
of the heating systems man
but he shows us the display
on the infared sensor
and how the different colors
reflect different temperatures and i can’t
help but think of hypercolor tshirts
awkwardly highlighting
the hot places on an upper body
even though these images
are much more complex

how the reach is too far
and the tires are too knobby and perhaps
not inflated enough but still
it is a grand thing
to be pedaling down this trail
tucked into the yelllow brush
against blue sky and then
the dark green/black
of mountains rising beyond
whorls of black-winged birds rising
from the alley
formationing and landing
on the chainlink fence
how i migrate the plate
of sweet potato fries
slowly across the table
towards jan
while the waitrons
inthe pearl-snap shirts and
cowperson hats
move about us


2 Replies to “formationing”

  1. and all that (your short sweet comment) makes me cherish YOUR being from afar. i think about you and your mountaingoat child/not so child anymore? out here amongst these other mountains. ❤

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