push on

in the dream
four or five of us are gathering in madison
for a month-long hike
and once i’m there waiting
with one other
for the rest of the others to show up
i realize that i half-assed it on the packing
and neglected to bring a tent or food
and then a last minute meeting is called
because one of the hikers
has shifted her political/spiritual beliefs
and is now bowing out because of the dams along the way
and urges us to do the same
but the rest of us intend
to push on through


without cake
and without you on this side of the veil
i still celebrate you
janina siedlewski
on this day you got born
the 2nd poorest state behind mississippi
melanie says about new mexico

bushtit amy tells me
the name of the small flitting desert birds
i have been asking about for at least two years now
how even from inside a car
as we make our way away from the rooftop farolitos
of ‘downtown’/the square
there is still a tug towards
the sandy/rocky arroyo
of the santa fe river
jan on the other side of my door
offering the other half of her lavender
farmer’s market goat milk soap bar


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