in the dream, it was not much different

from waking life:

spending time together

doesn’t seem to work


it was necessary for me
to come home to ya’ll
and ot the grandmothers
i write debbie


pounding out a poem

for a legal aid attorney who requested a poem

about the invisibility of poverty

based on this image

she shared with me:

i saw a homeless man yesterday
with a sign that said
‘i have become invisible.
let me know if you can see me’ –
i gave him a smile
but the pit in my stomach remains
how i cry
hunched and punching the keys
almost the entire way through


jan and i talking quietly
in the kitchen corner

right next to the door where a meeting

has gathered in the library

in this public/private space

she says bioremediation and newtown creek
and i say you were really there!

the same way someone might get excited

about meeting a celebrity

because there is a power in the difference between learning

about something by reading it and learning

about something by being there

and i have read about newtown creek,

superfund site, enough to carry it with me

as if it is a person

(which, i would argue,

it kindof is  =

meaning: river is life

creek is life

mountain is life

meadow is life

forest is life etc

and human happens to be life too)


the snow-covered sangres

coming into view

(how is it that something so big

can still surprise?)

as i turn around the bend to walk

across the bridge over

the santa fe river (mostly an arroyo/bed),

the bright snow against dark mountain shadow

and the bright snow against the light and clear

blue of sky

and all the golden dry grasses/plants

glowing in the foreground

and centered above it all

the light film of the half moon

like tissue paper glued on

and how all of this deep magic

seeps in swiftly

shifting me


the plate of cookies and
mini cinnamon rolls
and bit size sandwich wraps
left on the kitchen counter

after today’s morning meeting

in the library
an offering
to the artists who circle in and swoop
over time


from the water world:


A man swims in the frozen water of the Trocadero fountain in front Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France. – voice of america, day in photos


A boy travels through floodwaters in an improvised raft he made in Jal Besar, Malaysia’s northeastern town of Tumpat, which borders with Thailand. Serious flooding for almost a week is showing some respite but has damaged homes, caused loss of income and disrupted schooling. – voice of america, day in photos


‘Sprinter’ the polar bear enjoys the water in a zoo in Hannover, Germany. – voice of america, day in photos


An Orthodox faithful man kisses a wooden crucifix during Epiphany celebrations in Thessaloniki, Greece. – voice of america, day in photos


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