beaconing out

the thin white blanket
(hail/snow) drawn across the landscape
contrasting w/ the red sand formations and the 
green dots of junipers
the light and sun
are already good at changing everything
and then there’s this
what’s the proportion 
i ask of those you have been in love with
to those you’ve dated
as the red sand/mud clumps
on the bottoms of our boots while we wind our way
following laddie’s excited steps
through an arroyo
refusal to worship
the culture of more
debbie shares
about what has been passed to her
about entering/living in
the church of the land
the fine grains of blue corn
and the spicy bits of turkey giblet
debbie and rachel drop as offerings
at several sites (a sipapu, a collection of shards)
in the affectionately nicknamed badlands

arthritis plant debbie points 
with the tip of one of her walking sticks
to the plant that others call snakeweed

what might be the word
for the sensation of 
running my fingers along the divits and rises
of a shard of pottery 
hand-coiled and set to solidness
in the flame of fire
sometime as far back
as the 1600’s

truchas peak  debbie pointing out the snow-covered sangres to the north
and then introducing the jemez to the south

shaking liz’s phone
for it to toss out my iching coins
for the year of 2017
revealing #21 (thunder through the fire/the biting teeth)
which talks about
breaking down/moving through the obstacles

would make a great knuckle tatt i joke
of meow wolf  with jenny and nicole
as we sit around the green formica
kitchen nook table

her theory she says is that you
threatened her spotlight

the light is so bright in her i say
sipping on the mug of steaming miso broth
that i forgot that my own
was beaconing out too

from the water world: 

People skate on the frozen Doubs river at the Swiss – French border in Les Brenets, Switzerland. – voice of america, day in photos

An overcrowded raft drifts out of control in the central Mediterranean Sea, some 36 nautical miles off the Libyan coast, before lifeguards from the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms rescue all 112 on aboard, including two pregnant women and five children. – voice of america, day in photos

A Kashmiri person walks past a frozen water in Kokernag some 100kms south of Srinagar, India. – voice of america, day in photos


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