radiating out

sad starry eyes i say of the handmade creature
is not really the traveling type,
more stay-at-home
friendy was sad starry eyes’s companion
who traveled with me 
in my jean jacket front pocket,
who was excited about going place to place,
so excited that friendy jumped shp on the big island in hawaii
so now sad starry eyes has to step up,
move outside their comfort zone
and travel with me

the two quarters
that dirk and hazel left us
of the chocolate peanut butter truffley desert
on the table

the steam rising from the tub,
from our bodies
under a star-dotted sky
as the four of us move from being ully immersed
to perching on the stone edge
the cool of the night colliding with our skin
as we each recount our lives in jobs worked
this is how to rewrite a night
in new mexico

how i drape towels and clothes
over the string of xmas lights
so we can see the stars
through the steam
i discovered i could get all the work of 5 days
done in three (as a groundskeeper)
dirk says
so i’d drive the tractor out
into the woods
and take hour-long breaks
reading books

how dirk and hazel and i agree
on playing one round of apples to apples
(only one because it’s late
but at least one because we’re on vacay)
the small spits of rain
just beginning as we dry and pull on our clothes
and how they leave their mark
small circles radiating out on the surface tension of the pools
that we walk past in the dim light