more mountains

more mountains! i joke with trish
saying that it seems like more have appeared
between this year and last
and everywhere i look,
new ones seem to have grown into themselves
the little notes
(some orange, some yellow)
i leave
in secret surprise locations
(a favorite coffee mug, a coffe table drawer)
some with hearts
some with stars
platter bowl filled
with small red garden tomatoes
(whose plants still grow,
though they may be nearing their end
in these cool nights)
from which i pluck a fruit and pop one
into my mouth


walking along the arroyo path
i ask harmony the mountain namesof the formations rising around us
in all directions
she points out the catalinas (santa catalinas) to the northeast
the rincon mountains to the southeast
the tucson mountains to the west
as the pre-sunset lights casts itself
upon their shapes

the nieghbor irene
calling out dirk and hazel’s name
across the fence
over which she hands a gift bag
of tamales
wrapped in green tissue


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