into the sideyard sun

the dull shine and sharp blade
of the travel can opener that dirk hands me
a gift he says as he and hazel move about,
back and forthing as they pack

habit hazel says about the extra egg
that none of us can finish
which hazel and dirk end up bringing
out to the neighbor dog named bee bee
after fernando approves of this snacking
bee on the terra cotta tile
that i remove with a mason jar
and envelope
to transport back through the opened door
into the sideyard sun
the chipped and sparkly purple nail polish
on the nails of the barista who serves up
the cup of hibiscus tea
speaking of water
amy invites me to the danube
(water in 39 languages)
and later i say
i have been a monster too
the hot pink/dark red and gray cloud layers
of sky arranged in horizontal strips
over the range of mountains rising in the west
that i pedal towards,
and off to the right – a glow of white-gold
pouring through cloud gap just above
the saguaros and mountain ridges
i draw at the top of our travel calendar
which i color in with the six crayola markers
in various shades of pastelishness
and fuschia-tealness
emory and i call those ‘tasty tops’ i tell her
of the handful of bok choy flowers that she brings
in from the garden while i carry the small bunch
of spicy mizuna

the book on the shelf titled 660 curries
which makes me wonder in in the world
ever needs
660 curry recipes

the crinkle of the silver-red wrappers
of post-xmas peppermint chocolates
accruing in the garbage can
from the water world:


A winter swim lover throws hot water into cold air in Heihe, Heilongjiang province, China.


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