as all the light recedes

in the dream
hy instructs me to grab blindfolds
and even though i don’t like being blindfolded
the offer is too provocative to refuse
the doves that gather
on the electrical wires
strung along the backyard
(how they sway and flick their tails
to balance on the thin wire
and how they work less at balancing
on the thick wires)
as the sun fills the beginning of the day
with its light


the yoga move wherein michelle (in the coral-colored leggings and
teal big shaped dangle earrings)
guides us to weave our arms together and apart again
while transitioning from warrior two at the front of our mats
to warrior two at the back of our mats


the chiming of brown tepary beans
as i pour them into a glass jar
(like the sound of candy in a dish)
and the black/white checkered library table
where i fill out the seed library donation forms for the
cosmos, marigolds, amish paste tomatoes, edamame and tepary beans

how the dining area window
frames the mountain pink-purples of a setting sun sky
as all the light recedes
like a wave after it washes up 
rolling back 
into its oceany origins

the steam that rises as lino, rachel and i
remove the lids from two huge bowls of pho
(nests of noodles swimming with tofu, broccoli, carrots and napa cabbage)
over which we discuss:
the alienation of academia (gradschool version),
assault and accountability in activist/queer communities, 
and the joke of which is more of a lesbian food (shellfish or mushrooms) – to which i respond by joking:
the most lesbian meal
is the one that gets cold/goes untouched because
people are too busy processing
(or because they’ve spend all day
tangled in bed)
the shamefulest of shames: forgetting a name
(in this case, sharing about three weeks in quito
and not, in the moment, able to recall felilpe’s [or the word huaroni])
it’s up there i say in the collection of golden non-monogamous moments 
as we drive off into the night
and i recount the last dinner meetup
that resulted in a breakup in the parking lot
thank you for slow time with me she says
from the front seat
in the orange of the night lights
seeping in

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