a startle at this

the thing i have noticed
about geese migrating overhead
is how they are constantly
shifting shape
sometimes a double vee morphing
sometimes not a vee at all but a cloud
of bright wings
shining under such proximity
to the sun

following the geese sounds
in a not-yet-pink-but-almost sky
it takes a while to find them
shimmering so speck-like
i can’t help but wonder
how many miles between us and
how many more miles between them
and the sun

the sloosh-sloosh in lookfar soil
(clay-ey and wet from snowmelt)
as i push-pull the Tposts
in what was once
the tomato patch
pulling them loose (teethlike) from the ground

a startle at this time of year,
the bright green of dead nettle and
other undergrowth
on the wooded way
to karma pond

the rusty browns and slate grays
of the clays stuck to the mason jars
i dig up one month from
when they were buried
their vinegary spicy contents
swirling inside
what we need i joke
is to get someone/some people that know how to remove
january 20th (inauguration day)
from all calenders
so that it just can’t happen
we laugh while eating joseph’s tortillas
trish’s juevos and sweet potato fries
alongside this year’s perfectly
crispy pickles

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