for you

this one is for you,
ice-bright star
carving your silent and dazzling way
across newmoon (no moon) night sky
over me
over the orchard
over the great undulations of these missouri rolling hills
as i step out into the inky night
which is not even night yet, more like 5:30
but dark as a moonless sky
after sunset

this one is for you,
half-feral mama cat
curled in my lap
and for you,
ashby perched on the wood stump
and for the yowls that escape as you two
work your shit out

this one is for you, yoga mat
who helps me land
who tells me home is wherever i place it
who gives me a place to remember my breath
who gathers dirt when i leave you out on my floor, but sometimes,
i’m just not ready to roll you up yet


this one’s for you, magnificent sun
you don’t know (or maybe you do)
how ahrd it to sit all day in meetings
when you are throwing your light down
warming things up to the mid 50’s
while there are tomatoes to untrellis
and beds to be mulched
and frost-killed plants to be pulled


this one’s for you, radiant heat
rising off the (cast iron?) thick metal
of the once-was-a-barrel
and sinking into
my skin

this one’s for you, colored markers and tears
which is what this segment of the annual retreat
is sponsored by
as we look back and look forward and
slash budgets and share excitements and fears


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