the long climb up salt mountain

sun on face and 
limbs moving through space and time
as i walk my way along the curving street maze
m.i.a. in my ears and
good morning greetings on my tongue
for every runner/dog-walker i pass

the fraying cattails
and the gold grasses waving
reflected back on water edge
under clouds in patches scooching across the sky


self-assigned homework i write sole/mahogany to seek out beauty among the box stores and freeways 
and i send this photo of 
the holding ponds that i walked past on my back route way
to the post office

mom pinning the fabric
(of what was once a duvet of grandma siedlewski’s)
and me feeding it through the machine
something magnificent about
sorting through my basement storage boxes
and reading papers from undergrad and professor comments
before i toss them
(the magnificence being:
having spent three recent years
grading undergraduate papers
i like to draw parallels, have better insight to where i was as a student
compared to where my not-so-unrecent students
were as students)
dad puts the extra leaves in the table
while mom whips up the breaded walleye he caught
and eventually, i put together the salad

will you tell us about where the fish came from i ask as we eat
lake erie dad says on the shores of northern ohio

izzi joking about how when she was our age
she had to climb the mountain just to get salt
after we finish our fish/potatoes/salad/roasted cauliflower and before we encounter the
apple and cheese kringle

when we get to the end of the sheet of paper i say when mom asks
what we’re playing up to
in this final hangout rummy game


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