her name as this

migas on the menu
and it might as well be her name as this
was the only meal she ever made (though she made it often)
and it was about this time two years ago
that i ate it in in the small glass dome
of a greenhouse across from her, surrounded
by flats of micro greens and the
small crowd of goats outside and
in the morning filled with the brightest sun and the white glow of
snow settled on the sacred mountain
my new theme song i say 
handing gilliian headphones while
pressing play on the lhasa de sela song titled

anywhere on this road

the podcasts gillian recommends:
two dope queens
call your girlfriend
hidden brain

the palpable kindness
on the lower level of the megabus
as new acquaintances
who’ve spent 6 hours talking or not talking, sharing snacks or not sharing snacks, smiling at least at each other
say their farewells and great-to-meet-yous
a warmth
that is nearly impossible
not to feel as it
wraps itself around us
through emptied landscape
through the wintry mix spitting down
through the ache of transition and
the joy of landing
as we head into the crystal-studded skies and
the long darkness of winter

bullion a word for gold
mom says joking about
what’s in the bag i insist on carrying rather
than allowing her to

i have entered the future i tell izzi
as she shows me
how to add flavor to the soda at the cinema snack counter
using the touch screen

from the water world:

a tidal surge is seen in Sunaoshi River after tsunami advisories were issued following an earthquake in Tagajo, Miyagi prefecture, Japan, in this video grab image released by Miyagi Prefectural Police via Kyodo. – voice of america, day in photos


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