everything else quiet

leaning in to get close to
the frost patterns on the windows and body
of the black car car
just before dad scrapes it off
the gold sun
young in today’s sky
a kind of forgiveness/being forgiven
on this 20-some degree morning
as andy and i walk madix
to the end of the driveway as the bus
makes its way through the loops

i’m free to be the greatest, i’m alive
i’ve got stamina
i’m free to be the greatest here tonight
i’ve got stamina
the beat and words of sia’s latest
lifting up and out of the phone
on the counter while everything else
has gone quiet
ami and i speedwalking around lake elmo
where the water is a cool blue
not yet frozen
and the prairie is gold with the thinnest blanket
of snow laid over it and the bark
of the birches sings white
against the bright blue of cloudless sky

the shine of laughter-tears in ami and i’s eyes
at all the ‘nailed it’ perfectly timed moments
or little gestures the director threads together throughout the entirity of
the hunt for the wilderpeople


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