at the mention of a farm

wherein i yet again enter the 21st century, 
this time by taking my first uber ride (free offer!)
during which i turn uber into a verb
when i ask bill, the driver, how long
he’s been ubering 

first snow of the season
began as rain, then
confetti-ing down in light swirls as seen
through plate glass


twins the guy behind my sister and i
at the thai food vendor guesses about us
and earlier laurie asked
if our parents have a hard time
telling us apart on the phone and later
libby asks our difference in age

baba from the carribean
introducing himself on the loading dock
and how his face lights up
at the mention of a farm and how he goes on
to tell the story of his first thanksgiving in the u.s.
and the invitation to his friends’ parents farm
and how welcomed he felt

unnamed phenomenon: the kind of exhaustion
that only a few hours under flourscent overhead lighting
amid the effect of atrocious acoustics
can bring on

how the joy of sharing the chocolate bar
undoes my regret of buying it
at a price as ridiculous as $4.75


in the atrium, ami pointing out,
amongst the buzz of the marketplace, 
the sound of the drops of rain/snow
falling on the skylights overhead
how the wind presses against
the window, screens and walls of this house
which is situated at the edge of
a corn field and prairie/woods

this one’s for you, ellena,
soaking the ache in circular lavender baths, 
working it out in the ceramics studio and
standing in the reconfigurations of self and heart and home, 
you are always welcome in my village


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