the nourishment i am here for

sister, that truck is definitely mine max
responds to another edition in the
is this yours series involving
this photo of a truck entering the freeway alongside the megabus that  ferried me forward
(logo on side of the company my dad worked for for 43 years)


ami explaining biomimicry
(velcro invented because someone spent some time thinking about thistle, for example)
while she and amber and i eat
roasted beet ruebens, 
carrot ginger salad and
chili with avocado sliced on top
this sign at the counter of the 
co-op creamery and later, chalk messages saying the same,
this is the nourishment
i am here for
the crunch/squish of yellowed leaves
under our feet as we walk the thin trail
amongst trees,
the mississippi wide and wind-rippled below

the shiny red mylar of helium balloons
anchored and slowly swaying / twisting
in the community center where amber and i
begin in childs pose,
reach back into peaceful warrior,
hold warrior two
and take in reminders to breathe
alongside five others
anik’s essential-oiled palms
at my temples,
across my forehead and
pressing down along the sides/skull/cheekbones in shavasana
melting my edges and i can’t help but think
of the word annoint 

no regrets  i explain to amber
missed deadlines and how these
informed the intention i set tonight

cashew ice cream (chocolate truffle) set out
on the couch between us to melt
as the first trailers
unfold before us on basement screen


from the water world: 

a  woman walks with two buckets to wait for water to arrive near her neighborhood in La Paz, Bolivia. President Evo Morales asked for forgiveness from La Paz residents for the water shortages caused by the worst drought in 25 years, and he acknowledged there will be no immediate solutions.


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