to see the signs of kindness

the pink (strawberry) glaze
on the cruller on the plate in front of me
in the company of a vanilla-frosted donut coated in colored sprinkles

she tells me about 
how j’s window
(the one with the queers against islamaphoobia was smashed two nights ago
and how several days before the election,
__ump visited minneapolis
and in his speech, talked about getting rid of the city’s somali population
and wanting to undo the 31 safe cities of the u.s. (cities that accept/host/receive refugees)
and, how in response, the mayor stood up to say
we are a safe city, we will remain a safe city, you belong here, refugees and we love all of our residents and then
i encounter this sign

and just before that, came across a bowl of safety pins at a resale shop counter
with a little sign that said something about wearing one to let others know they are safe with  you
and i realize, that while i’m here for many reasons,
encountering these signs of kindness is why my heart/spirit came here

the red of the small book titled
where will you be in five years
that catches my eye

glanced over left shoulder
while biking over freeway
metallic skyline
under the powdery pink/gold/orange streaks
of sunset laying kind light
on faces
on sidewalks
on the bike wheels that roll beneath us

look, we’re already ready,
you’ve got your fleece on, i’ve got my fleece on, 
we can just put our fleeces on and take may
(beloved dog) for a walk
ak says at the table across from me at the vegan thxgvng potluck

like a bodygaurd for the chaplin
lindsay says of what she did
in her 8 years in the army
as a chaplin’s assistant
and like a big sister for the guys,
i’d see who looked sad
and go put my arm around them


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