of what could happen

3:45am wakeup
in order to make 4:20am departure in order to catch 6:08am train
fetty wap’s wake up in my head
while joseph and i move through pre-dawn darkness
supermoon wafer dipping down into horizon
at my left (a thin orange-gold-almost see through) against lightening sky
while, to my right, the sky blooms into all kinds of goldpink shine
while train 380 carries me
cutting through the middle
of it all

the half pipe (built for skating) in the backyard
of a big old farmhouse surrounded by
fields of corn stubble
somewhere after the galesburg stop
and just before kewanee

the what looks like an abandoned (brick) school
up against the west side of the tracks in kewanee
just before the station stop
and how i like thinking of the possibility
of what could happen there
the pride/delight of eating crackers i baked
from wheat tyler grew
alongside the best carrots from sandhill i’ve ever tasted (grown by trish)
as the train rolls north)

crossing the mississippi river twice (once from missouri to illinois, and once in minnesota) and
moving through the borders of four states and
traveling via car then train then bus
from dark to light to dark again and the power
of my first encounters with people out in the wide world

from the water world:

a fisherman carries a sailfish to the market in Aden after catching it off the coast of Yemen’s southern port city. – voice of america, day in photos 

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