don’t look at the map

don’t look at a map trish says
when ty mentions the indirectness of
my train/bus route that will have me
traveling from 4:30am to 9:30pm
jut to get to my 6-hour-drive destination
of minneapolis
the light-edged clouds i say
of all we can see of the supermoon rising
but that sunset, on the other  hand i say
of the molton streaks to the west
that have been slow and quiet in doing their sky dance
for the past half hour

explaining the phrase buttcrack of dawn to emory
before i give him a little back rub and say
i’m gonna miss you
about my upcoming two week absence
you’ll probably hit a deer em says
about joseph and i’s early morning drive to quincy
tell him to bring his sharp knife

two cold orbs
(of fridge-stored apples)
in my palm as i stand towel-wrapped
next to karma woodstove whose
hot heat hits the skin of 
my exposed limbs


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