places i’ve been

the snap and pop of hot wood in karma stove
blazing the first fire of the season
gibbous the golden cat climbing
onto my shoulders and back and
hanging out there for a while as i
crouch over the parsely patch

handing the coin collection in an old tea diffuser to emory
each piece gathered from countries/places i’ve been
dried zinnia petals crumbling between my palms
as i rub them together to separate out the seeds
indulgent time of year gigi explains the chocolate peanut clusters
she brought over for dinner
ed and wendy (two of the four sandhill founders)
at the kitchen table
and ed says he can’t help asking questions because
everyone has an interesting story
dottie and i freestyling
between our renditions of in the air tonight and zombie 
about laird’s wedding chair
on top of which is a laptop
feeding us words and chords
11something pm, coyote howls/calls
rising in a raucous round
so close that the pooches on the porch
call out too and how the howling
stops, instantaneously
alongside a sortof screech sound of unidentified origins

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