if i’m ok

all the texts coming in and going out and sending care and sadness
(and how i have a feeling i’ll be using the phrase ‘in these times’ a lot now)
including the one to finn that goes something like
remember how you and i cried in my bed the morning g.w. came into power
(which is a good reminder
of something similarly horrendous we have survived)
and it isn’t until rachel k’s words come in asking if i’m ok
that i realize
i’m not

first voice contact:
corinne, how we share tears and all the things we are afraid of and all the things
that we are infuriated by
under this new
unfathomable regime

it is things like this that get me through
today and will get me through
the next four years:
jose antonio vargas speaking on democracy now
this country is only going to get gayer, blacker, browner, more asian and women will break all barriers there are to break.
the question that’s left is
how much change can straight white men and white people handle

when he says ‘make america great again’, what he means is ‘make america white (straight, etc.) again

if there was ever a day that we need
to sharpen our oyster knives, this is it


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