the goldruby glow

don’t shoot me i say
about to go running as em and joseph
are about to head out with the .22

squinning the skirrel em says on the other side
of the curtain that serves as a bathroom door
as i towel off
the welded pyramid i place
on top of the overturned earth
returned to where i dug it up from
under which sits two quarts of fire cider
one of which features
dried currants
emory fetching fire bricks to build the kiln
while i work the stones and leaves and hardness
out of the clumps of clay we dug up
between the fire ring and forest
near karma pond
morning sun shining through canopy colors
of range-green-red onto my hands and face
and all the green grass around me while i knead
land-found clay on two bricks which serve
as a work table
like firecrackers em says
of the 3006 sonic booms
ricocheting across air
in the near distance

how i tour the imp shed, the cow barn, the horse barn
calling out to mama cat
listening for but hearning no
meows in reply

em calling out on the porch
to tell me the trading post is open
featuring a for trade/sale and not for trade/sale section
of mostly stones and geoedes and some arrowheads
 lined up on the bench/table
the goldruby glow
of a planet as seen in the dark saky
while heading in for dinner
(which, in other words means, daylight savings time
has arrived)
sound of time-dried tepary beans
falling from a great height into plastic bucket
as i winnow them in front of the box fan
from the water world:

A man tries to clear debris from a partially flooded street during a seasonal storm in the commune of Jeremie, southwestern Haiti. Jeremie is one of the cities hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. – voice of america, day in photos


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