willow into willow

the distant drone/hum of combines
pulling in the season’s harvest
until the fields are emptied


sulfur family sole says of the light green/yellow (like a glow-in-the-dark star) butterfly
weaving in and out of the currants

the balmyness of the day that allows us
to blanket-sit in tshirts in the sun while weaving
willow into willow
the balmyness that means
i am still harvesting tomatoes
in early november
the balmyness that qualifies
days and months as the warmest on record
the slice of pink cake
(called pinata cake because of the candy
tucked inside) kim brings to our table
all the colors of sky as seen
from the truck bed and the spray of black birds
traveling across the dusky almost sunset view

birdie purring in sole and i’s laps
while mahogany lullabies us all
with lilting flute notes
lifting light in the air
from the water world:

Migrants and refugees panic after falling in the water during a rescue operation by teh Topaz Responder rescue ship run by Maltese NGO Moas and Italian Red Cross, off the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean Sea. -voice of america, day in photos

Police use pepper spray against protesters trying to cross a stream near an oil pipeline construction site near Standing Rock Indian Reservation, north of Cannon Ball, North Dakota.


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