strutting through

walking down the gated road
a costume parade with my kingdom (me dressed as the king of wishful thinking,
mel as the most fabulous fish,
honna as a magpie and
darkhorse as a samhein witch)
strutting through
the magic of a cover band show:
getting to see the breeders and pattie smith
and cheer amongst friends
when sara nails every single note
every gesture
every nuance
when she sings pissing in a river
and every single other patti smith song

the splash of gold glitter
across stoph’s face plus
some big hoop earings clipped
to his ears
the witch that none of us know
joining us at a back table in the dark corner
and we all hold hands in a circle/trance
casting spellwork
and if this is an omen for my new year
i’ll take it
long live the king!!!!! honna and mel get some of the folks gathered outside cbgb
to chant at me in the post-midnight (29th turning into 30th which happens to be my birthday) moment


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