to apologize for being

on lookfar porch in the sun
while emory assembles robots
out of hand-made wood screws/bolts/planks
i arrange the mini markers
in rainbow order and then
make a swatch
of their lines
down a narrow page
emory’s body tossed about

and catching air
as he lies in the middle of the trampoline,
first, we play the dead man game where we
count to five and ask
are you dead or alive and then
we are on calm waters
the great
(big bounce jumps)
comes crashing in
how we take turns holding
the ladder for each other and asking
you got a good grip on it
as we descend from the
pondside treehouse platform

pointing to the cloud of butterflies
(small and orange, not monarch but just as bright)
swirling around the garden shed
where emory and i pause to take it in
(my pause long outlasting his
as he moves towards the pink panther segment
he wants us to watch because of its hilarity)

in the fortsythia
we take turns choosing
which shel silverstein poem
to read next and i begin
with one featuring a dog in the drawing
because jack is with us
(held captive in emory’s lap)
the plink plunk of red ripper beans as trish
shells them on the couch next to me as
i clip brown petals
from dead/dry zinnia heads
and pluck their seeds
into a metal bowl
the huge metal pot
i swirl a small batch of laundry in
before wringing the kindof clean water
out of shirts/socks/underwear
before hanging them too late in the day (due to forgotten meeting) to dry
how dean and i and others
make head-of-lettuce jokes
(for the vegetarians – including myself)
around the butcher block covered
in the cookout feast of
substantial burgers
deviled eggs
two pies (one peach, one cherry)
arugula salad
sliced tomato and
condiments galore
you’re not allowed to apologize
i tell r. katz for being human
the bright green of fresh cut
(and chopped) pandan leaves floating
in stainless steel cup of filtered water


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