regarding the sortof future

half-pint quilted mason jar filled
with tyler’s special morning smoothie drink
left on butcher block with a note alongside it
that reads frankie danger
rolling out joseph’s tortilla dough
as close to thin-as-paper as possible
on butcher block while
one raises its bubble spots
in the cast iron over medium flame

what’s your truest truth i ask
of tyler on the couch regarding the sortof future
while i wash lunch dishes
at the sink

ty joking so – wanna play
secret ballot and
cynthia and i laughing
a chapter-length pause
in patch of sun
there is no other word for this light and
the way it lands on my reclined limbs
except for pouring
what are your dreams for your birthday,
how do you want to celebrate
she asks while i fill the cat bowl with food
dried kibble clinking in porcelain
the warmth of today
(not hot, just sun-warm, somewhere in the 70s)
soaking in through my layers
as i clip dried zinnia flower heads
for seed
free one some sites on the internet
tell me the name franciszka means


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