will resound

i call bullshit on your not having
any requests or needs
bruin says
on the other end of the line and this phrase
will resound through the rest of the day
if not the week
cynthia at the butcher block and in front of the kitchen sink
stirring, mixing, baking says
you’re making a really bad decision in regards to
my away dinner plans

the globe amaranth (in purple and light pink) placed
around the photo of cynthia’s uncle
propped on the whitehouse kitchen woodstove

emory in a fleece hoodie
(yellow with black)
printed with cassette tapes and skulls/crossbones 
and when i’m all nah ah – where’d you get that!? he responds
my grandma

the last pint jar of
gloriously fuschia kraut
packed in my bag of things to bring to mica’s 
and ellena, mica and i, despite the fartsmell (the taste is delicious) work our way to the bottom

trish’s skillet blondies
cooling on the kitchen table while someone
grabs the ice cream from the walk in
to scoop on top

blue glow of faces in the
tv screen light through the merc front window
while the debate (debacle?) plays on


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